Saturday, March 22, 2014

Burlap Wreath Tutorial

A lot of customers have been asking how to make a burlap wreath, so here's a quick tutorial!

You will need:

  • Wire Wreath Form (I used a 16")- $3.49 at RYM
  • 1-2 Packages of Pipe Cleaners- $0.79 at RYM
  • 1-2 Packages of Burlap Garland- $9.99 at RYM

To start out, cut all of your pipe cleaners in half. Tie one end of the burlap to one of the middle rows on the wreath form.

Front View/ Back View

Next, measure out a section of burlap, loop it, and tie it to the wreath form with a pipe cleaner. I used 7" sections because I wanted the wreath to look full and fluffy. If you want the wreath to look thinner, measure out smaller sections.

When you tie the burlap to the wreath form, try alternating rows you tie it on. Since we started on a middle row, tie the next piece to the outside row, then to the inside row, and so on. Keep going until you have gone all the way around the wreath- it's that simple!
The first few loops (back view)

One section finished!

Back of finished wreath!

You can add different sections of burlap if you want to mix it up a bit! The possibilities are endless!

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  1. This is perfect for my upcoming craft day! Thank you so much for sharing!