Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Duct Tape and a Hair Dryer

These wood letters were antiqued with just paint, dust tape, and a hair dryer!
The first step in making them is to paint the bottom and sides of all your wood letters. Leave the top as plain wood for right now. 
Paint the top of the letter the color of the base coat. (White on the letter A)

Paint the top of the letter and get your hair dryer and duct tape ready! Make sure your paint is still mostly wet or this will not work. 

Heat up the letter with the hair dryer to dry it. The paint should not be completely dry, but dry enough to stick some tape on it. Put a strip of duct tape on the letter. It is MUCH easier to work in small sections, one letter at a time, than to try to do it all at once! Heat up the duct tape with the hair dryer. Get it as hot as you can and smooth out the bubbles that pop up!

Then rip off the tape! Cool huh?

Keep putting tape on small sections of the letter. Also notice the pattern of the duct tape usually shows, so make sure you put on the tape all in the same direction.

You should end up with something like this when you are done! be sure to spray on some sealer so that the top coat of paint doesn't continue to chip off.

All done! Here they are in our store window!
Happy Crafting!

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