Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall Craft for Remember Your Memories

FALL CRAFT for Remember Your Memories

Tutorial by Chantel Nielson, visit her blog Fish Face for more crafting ideas.

To make these (above flower) Classic Felt Flowers <--Click here

How to make felt rosettes. (above flower)

Fall Craft

You will need-
_Styrofoam wreath (any size)
-Yarn, as many colors as you desire
-Glue gun
-Felt, fabric, or pre-made flowers (you can use old scraps of fabric to make
flowers too.)
-A matching peice of ribbon
-Embellishments(If wanted) such as: acorns, jewels, buttons, leaves, berries,
pumpkin, etc.

Step 1
Wrap your yarn into a ball if it's a small wreath, this makes it much easier & faster to wrap
wreath(you will need a lot more yarn than you would think)

Step 2
Wrap yarn once around wreath & tie knot in back, then wrap whole wreath, it
doesn't have to be perfect straight lined yarn to yarn, just make sure you fill
all the holes. Then if you want another color add that on top, any design you

Step 3
Make your flowers, any style you desire & then arrange them on top of the wreath
to figure out where you want them. Then when you love it, glue them on with the
hot glue gun. If you need an idea for flowers here is a link for you. How to make felt rosettes. or Classic Felt Flowers
Step 4
Add embellishments (I just fill in gaps between flowers)

Step 5
Loop ribbon around top, tie a knot or bow & it's ready to hang.

Here is what we have to offer at R.Y.M. store!

Foam Wreath $4.39

The Kit $5.00(acorns, Flowers, Ribbon for top, Berries, & more( The picture above has stuff from the kit)

Choose your own Yarn  From $2.99-$3.79 (to wrap your wreath)

Felt $0.39 a sheet (for making you own flowers, or diamonds)

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